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Logic pro x audio editor reverse free download

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All standards and prevalent audios are supported. Whether you need to play an audio file backwards or reverse a video with sound, there are many apps with such feature for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and even online.❿


Alternative Solution: Reverse Audio Using FilmoraPro – Logic pro x audio editor reverse free download


Mac users often prefer Logic Pro X to reverse music files. Most of the free online services for reversing tracks have the same concept. You upload a file, magic happens, and then you download the output.

Here are some recommended online websites for that. The online approach is easy and fast, but also has some drawbacks. You could also record sound directly on the software and reverse that too. So you either import one or record directly before apply the reverse effect. Apart from adding files created by you, you could also reverse a Logic Pro X built-in sound. It could be a loop or a cymbal—or whatever.

Select the entire track or simply select a section of it as shown in the image below:. A section of a track was selected in the image above. You can either select a section or an entire track or sound file. Simply double-click on the track or section you want to reverse to open up the editor. At the editor, under the Files tab, click Functions to display the available options as shown in the image below:.

After doing that, you can continue working on it or simply export your new sound! To do that, go to Preference and then the Advanced. You should now see the Reverse option among others even without restarting Logic Pro X. Tip: Region parameters can be viewed and edited in the Region Inspector which is located at the upper part of the Inspector in Logic Pro X. FilmoraPro is arguable the best alternative for easily reversing digital sounds. Here are a few audio editing features to this software:.

FilmoraPro comes in handy in cases where you want to balance sound, reverse or add cool effects to it or master it generally. To reverse an audio track using FilmoraPro, please install the programe and follow the under-listed steps:.

After importing your files to media panel, simply drag the audio file and drop it on the timeline to start working on it. This will display the available audio tools on FilmoraPro.

It even lets you create a 3D or 8D sound effect. The steps to reverse audio with different web-based applications are almost the same. Therefore, here we just demonstrate how to reverse small audio file online by using Audioalter. One of the biggest lacunas of online tools is that you cannot avail the same without a stable internet connection.

This brings us to the second part of our discussion, i. Generally, there are two types of desktop software that can be utilized to edit audio: advanced video editor like Davinci Resolve, and professional audio editor. VideoProc Vlogger is a non-linear video editing application, and also is good at the audio file editing. To reverse the audio file, VideoProc Vlogger can promise you finish it within several clicks. And here is how. Step 1. Step 3.

Step 5. Then jump to the right side of the interface, scroll down, and then please find the Reverse Play option. Check the Reverse Play box and the audio file would be reversed automatically. Click on the Export button to start processing. It can serve as your go-to choice for starting with podcasting, music recording and audio reversing.

It is capable of reversing, repeating reverse, removing, reverbing, inserting, and slow down sound speed, just name a few. You can also bank on Audacity to analyze the frequency spectrum of the sounds. This free and full-featured audio editor comes with a simple interface that supports the drag and drop operation to reverse the audios in three clicks.

As for input formats, Audacity offers you wide options. All standards and prevalent audios are supported. The only annoying thing is you may need to install MP3 and FFmpeg library to your computer manually. With Audacity, you can have complete control for the output file size and quality as it allows you to customize the audio format, bit rate rate mode, quality, variable speed, and channel mode.

Audacity stands out as the best choice among the three above-mentioned desktop audio reversers in respect of ease of use, as well as the price tag. Let us dive in the steps to reverse audio using Audacity:. Honestly speaking, reversing audio with Logic Ro X is like using a hammer to kill a fly.

But advanced users, for instance, musician and artist who want to mine a reversed audio for creative inspiration and need to cope with many audio post-editing work, bound to feel delighted with the bevy of editing toolkits and effect plug-ins offered and supported by Logic Pro X.

It comes with an intuitive interface that is in line with the operating habits of most people. The reversing of the whole audio file is easy like walking in the park.


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